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Greetings Programs!

My name is John Gibbs and I love art! I started this studio to not only self promote works by both myself and my wife Casey, but to also promote and (someday!) publish works by others who would normally not be able to do so.

so, me...

I was raised in Tustin California, a suburb in orange county, and I hid the nerd in me from the outside world. Only recently have I embraced my nerd side, and do not hide it anymore. So much of my life I have spent not following my dreams and settling for just "being".

As well as being my own worst critic, I never stopped to see what I could have done with the things I have dreamt up. well this ends now, I will soon be updating this site with a contribution to my first published piece: a collaborative book featuring the C.S.R.A.'s best and brightest sequential artists.

Stay tuned. that'll be here.

While my past is centered around just about all aspects of visual art, both Casey and myself have been working on novels, and we hope to have them here soon as well.

In the meantime, enjoy the art! stay for the conversation!

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