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The Atlanta Sci-fi Expo


What a CRAZY few months it's been! Way back in march, I took the Family to the ASFE, or the Atlanta Sci-Fi Expo. it was amazing. 90% of the panelists and artists were people of color. I probably spent $100 on comics alone...

The panels ranged from weird writing to copyright and cosplay. the diversity I saw was truly stunning. I helped network for a small African-American bookstore in Burke county, and I got Quite a few strange looks in the process. All worth it.

Anyways, this Saturday is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! I will be on hand at the Augusta Book Exchange to sign copies of the CSRA Sequential Anthology #1, so come on down and grab a free poster and sticker! There are going to be lots of raffles, and contests. Even if you don't live in Augusta, go to your local comic shop and get some FREE COMICS!!!

And since he's such a slave driver, our head of event marketing was photographed with a certian punk rock sailor moon facepainter...ever the critic...

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